City Council Vote – Monday, April 3rd at 6pm


On March 8th, the HB City Planning Commission approved the new conceptual plan for Irby Park. The details of the plan can be found in this 17 page Agenda PDF, but found below is a diagram of their plan, which references much from the community survey done in cooperation with CSULB.

The next HUGE step is for this plan to now be approved by the HB City Council.

Please come out to city hall located at the southeast corner of Yorktown and Main on Monday evening to show your support for getting this plan approved to restore the undeveloped portion of Irby Park with native plants, native trees, and walking paths.

MEETING DATE: MONDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Also, if you cannot attend in person,...

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NEW 2017 City-Commissioned Irby Park Plan


The Planning Commission has created a plan for Irby Park to discuss at their next meeting on Wed, March 8th at 6:00 PM.  The details of the plan can be found in this 17 page Agenda PDF, but here is the meeting’s overview and their plan, which references much from the community survey done in cooperation with CSULB..

MEETING DATE: MARCH 8, 2017 at 6:00 PM


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CSULB Irby Park Restoration Survey Results

Irby Survey Results

The Cal State University Long Beach team did a great job designing, administering, and presenting the results of their Irby Park community survey aimed at gathering our neighborhood’s desired interest in restoring the undeveloped portion of Irby Park and includes details on our most desired amenities.

The synopsis is that 85% of residents surveyed would like an improvement on the undeveloped portion of Irby Park.  The most desired amenities are walking paths and natural habitat restoration for tress, plants, etc.  We’ve graphed the two most important survey elements and the full survey data can also be downloaded as a PDF (link below).

View Larger:

View Larger:

Irby Park Survey Results (PDF)

Special thanks to resident Ke...

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RELEASED: CSULB Irby Park Restoration Survey

CSULB Survey

The collaboration between CSULB and the HB Community Services group has produced and released the following online survey:

The survey only takes a couple minutes to complete and will help CSULB students and the City of Huntington Beach better understand our neighborhood’s desires for Irby Park Restoration.

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Meetings with HB City + CSULB – Process & Progress Update

Example Landscape Bubble Diagram

Our recent meetings with Huntington Beach City Councilpersons regarding our desired Irby Park Restoration project were quite positive. The City agrees that the time to improve and restore Irby Park has come, especially since Bartwood Park’s restoration project is underway leaving Irby as the last park in Huntington Beach without a completion plan. With regards to timing, the City budget cycle renews each October, but to bridge the gap between now and October 2016, the City has agreed to allow our group to begin grassroots efforts to begin project planning so that we can be in a more advantageous position by October 2016 when we want to begin getting some sort of more official City support. One of our own residents will lead this grassroots effort.

Irby Tract resident Keith Fulthorp, Ed...

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Meetings with HB City Councilpersons & Planners

Passive Park Example

Happy Holidays from the Irby Park Project! We have been working hard to make progress towards the ultimate goal of an Irby Park Restoration project to restore the undeveloped portion of Irby Park to a beautiful, natural, passive-park habitat.  We will compile details and post again after the holidays when we can all have a better focus, but the short teaser of our progress is that we have had two meetings with key HB City Councilpersons and Planners to discuss some early plan ideas.

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City-Commissioned Irby Park Improvement Plan

Irby Park Concept Plan - 2007

Steve Engel of the HB Secret Garden at Central Park was able to request the Irby Park improvement plan commissioned by the City in 2007. The plan contained significant water features as well as a large passive park add-on to the empty field portion of the park. It is my understanding that the water features were ultimately deemed unfeasible and thus the whole plan was scrapped. However, it is our hopes that the passive park portions of this plan could be implemented independently by the City even if the water features cannot.


Irby Park Concept Plan - 2007

Irby Park Concept Plan – 2007

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Meeting Minutes – Nov 12th, 2015

Passive Park Example

Irby Park Meeting Minutes/Notes
Thursday, November 12th, 2015
730p – 830p

Purpose: To discuss Irby Park history & potential while getting community feedback on courses of action.

Attendees: ~20 Local Residents including host Bill Kettler, Steve Engel of the Secret Garden, & Jean Nagy of the Urban Forest.

Bill Kettler gave a Powerpoint presentation covering Irby Park History, Current Status, & Potential Future.  Details included the Community Garden initial approval and ultimate dis-approval, improvements at Bartlett Park in HB, and a demonstration of several before/after photos showing how a passive park improvement might look.

Some residents voiced existing flood concerns & if they affect feasibility...

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Irby Park Improvement Meeting – Nov 12th, 7:30p

Irby Park

Our fellow Irby Park neighbor, Bill Kettler, has organized a meeting to discuss Irby Park improvement among residents to eventually present our desired improvements to the City.  Meeting details…

When: Thursday, November 12th, 7:30p – 8:30p
Where: Murdy Community Center
Who: All Irby Park Residents Are Encouraged to Attend
Why: To Improve the Undeveloped Portion of Irby Park

We’d love to have a great neighborhood turnout so please plan on attending and we look forward to meeting everyone interested in improving our neighborhood park soon!

Aaron Soto

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HB Urban Forest Visit

HB Urban Forest

On Saturday, Nov 7th, 2015, my wife, baby, and I visited the HB Urban Forest at the invitation of HB Tree Society President Jean Nagy to view their passive park and get ideas on how that could help us improve Irby Park.

The Urban Forest itself is a great space adjacent to Central Park West atop Edwards Hill with amazing views to the north showcasing our incredible Southern California mountain ranges. The day was very clear and we could see the Hollywood Sign towards the left of our view and Mt. Baldy towards the right. Many other area landmarks were also visible making for a fun time spotting things I never knew were visible from Huntington Beach.

The park itself contains a wide variety of trees, plants, and bushes all planted within the last fourteen years making for an impressive bloom o...

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