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Meetings with HB City + CSULB – Process & Progress Update

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Our recent meetings with Huntington Beach City Councilpersons regarding our desired Irby Park Restoration project were quite positive. The City agrees that the time to improve and restore Irby Park has come, especially since Bartwood Park’s restoration project is underway leaving Irby as the last park in Huntington Beach without a completion plan. With regards to timing, the City budget cycle renews each October, but to bridge the gap between now and October 2016, the City has agreed to allow our group to begin grassroots efforts to begin project planning so that we can be in a more advantageous position by October 2016 when we want to begin getting some sort of more official City support. One of our own residents will lead this grassroots effort.

Irby Tract resident Keith Fulthorp, Ed...

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